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Fruit juices from the Aronia berry

Fruit juices made from aronia berries for retail and farm shops. Besides Bio Aronia direct juice there are other mixed juices in our Aronia fruit juice assortment.

Due to its high nutrient density, the Aronia berry is one of the native superfoods and has been cultivated in Germany since 1976. At that time in the former GDR. Aronia berries can be used to make numerous products, such as blueberries. The main consumer product is aronia juice.


Fruit juices from the aronia berry

Konfitee Naturkost GmbH from Schwarmstedt markets Aronia juice and other Aronia products under the Heide Aronia brand.


Organic Aronia Juice

One of the main products made from aronia berries is organic aronia juice.

At the end of August, after harvesting the aronia berries, some of the fresh aronia berries are processed into juice. In addition to the direct Aronia juice, there are other fruit juices with Aronia juice. The apple aronia juice and the grape aronia juice are particularly popular.

The complete Aronia assortment is available in the Konfitee Naturkost shop in Schwarmstedt and in other sales outlets in Lower Saxony.


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