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Magic Star®

Magic Star® is a conventional variety that is a cross between Elise and a scab resistant selection. This scab resistent variety produces firm and appealing fruits that not only have a crunchy bite and a sweet taste, but also have a remarkably long shelf life.

Magic Star® is an apple with excellent taste quality. Magic Star® is süβ, aromatic and crunchy.


Brand name: Magic Star
Variety name: SQ159
Crossbreeding parents: Elise x scab resistant selection
Fruchtgröβe: 70-85 mm
Fruit color: red to dark red
Colouring: On average 70-90% coloring
Bite: Crunchy
Look: Straightforward and attractive
Form: Conical, uniform appearance
russeting: little to slight; if russeting occurs, then almost ausschlieβlich around the stem pit



Delicious taste experience
Except for scab stable
Excellent shelf life
Juicy fruit


The Magic Star® concept is always introduced in cooperation with a supermarket chain in a store. For further information please visit

A new variety is Freya® (WUR037) and we will also be presenting Wellant and Natyra at Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2020.



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