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Plants for professional growers

Vissers produces high quality planting material of good health. Professional growers will find strawberry plants, asparagus plants, raspberry plants and blackberry plants in our offer.

Plants for professional growers

Vissers is a propagation farm located in the south of the Netherlands, where there are good light sandy soils, sufficient light and summer temperatures.

Vissers propagates a complete list of varieties and plant species, such as tray plants, mini tray, waiting for bed plants, A+ extra, A+ and Standard A. Below you will find an overview of the individual varieties that Vissers offers:


  • Strawberry plants 
    Vissers has been researching new strawberry varieties for years that are of interest to professional growers. This study has now yielded excellent fruit. In addition to the strawberry varieties developed elsewhere, Vissers now also supplies several strawberry varieties of its own.
  • Asparagus plants 
    In our asparagus plant assortment, you will find hybrid asparagus varieties in particular, as these have great advantages. For example, hybrid asparagus varieties grow much stronger and produce straight asparagus of pure color.
  • Raspberry plants 
    Raspberries are incredibly healthy. Due to the enormous attention that raspberries receive in the press, the demand for these delicious and above all healthy fruits is increasing.
  • Currants plants

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