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Natyra® is a new organic apple variety that is cultivated organically. Natyra® has an excellent shelf life and is naturally resistant to scab, therefore, only very limited use of crop protection methods is necessary.

Natyra® is a crossbreed of Elise and a scab resistant WUR-selection. The bloom time is around that of Golden Delicious. This variety is only little sensitive to canker and milldew. The apples have a great firmness and are rarely russeted.

Natyra® is a quality apple that consistently tops various consumer polls with its sweet, aromatic and crunchy taste. Add to this an extended shelf life both in shop and at home, and Natyra®‘s popularity is easy to understand.

Natyra® is open variety and is, provided that it is cultivated organically, therefore available for any producer.

For a detailed description of the natyra® apple, download the information sheet here or visit 

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