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OsmiBOOST - Self-breeding of mason bees made easy

The beekeeping system OsmiBOOST for self-breeding of mason bees, which was co-developed with farmers, brings the bees sustainably back to their areas. For an ecological and economical pollination.

Mason bees are reliable pollinators that contribute to a good fertilization of your culture even in difficult weather conditions.

The OsmiBOOST nesting system, developed with farmers, makes it easy to apply and propagate your masonry bees. It is available with or without cocoons. 

This saves you pollination costs year after year and brings the bees back to your land.

Your OsmiBOOST advantages: 

  • Up to 10% discount from October to February
  • Easy retrieval of the ready to start masonry bees, exactly matching the flower.
  • System can be used for several years, already in the 2nd year the most economical way of pollination.
  • Maximum pollination performance with minimum effort. 

The mason bee and its advantages:

Flight time Red mason bee from the end of April to the beginning of June.
Flight radius With good food supply usually 50 to 200 meters around the nesting site.
Flower fastness Mason bees gather in orchards very flowering, but not variegated.
Weather Active from early spring even in cool weather: in sunshine from 4 °C, with overcast skies and drizzle from 9 °C and in windy weather.
Time of day activity In suitable weather conditions from early morning until
Approaching blooms Up to 8,000 blooms per day.
Collection behaviour Collects the pollen dry with the so-called "belly brush", therefore good pollen exchange, high pollen germination rate and very good fertilisation.
Population With good care a population can increase by a factor of 3 to 5 per year, i.e. a population of 100 animals can grow to 400 to 2,500 in two years.


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