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As your long-standing competent partner in cold storage / hygiene construction, we know your industry very well and the importance of qualified service for your power operated doors and gates as well as electrical components at your CA and ULO warehouse doors.

Qualified and planned service pays off for you

Your advantages with a maintenance and service contract with Plattenhardt + Wirth are as follows:

  • Long-term value retention and functional reliability of your investments
  • Extension of the warranty period is possible on the basis of a maintenance contract according to VOB / B
  • The requirements of your insurer/certifier are comprehensibly fulfilled
  • Plannable maintenance can be easily integrated into your operational process
  • Increased security for your valuable employees
  • The costs of the maintenance contracts are calculable and possibly avoid high subsequent costs
  • Energy losses due to dysfunctional and damaged gates and doors are minimized


ASR A1.7 (once a year is mandatory) for power-operated gate systems

Every operator of commercially used power-operated gate systems must have an annual safety check including measurement of the closing forces and revision function carried out and documented by a specialist in order to comply with ASR A1.7 for each gate system.

  • Maintenance and repair of cold room doors and gates from all manufacturers
  • Installation, acceptance, and maintenance of arrest systems in accordance with Dißt and DIN 14677
  • Inspection according to ASR A1.7
  • Induction loops + heating cables
  • Heating
  • Personal emergency call equipment
  • Pressure compensation valves
  • leakage tests

With our company's own service technicians, we would be happy to work for you locally and in neighboring countries.
You also can benefit from our comprehensive performance and talk to us about your individual projects.
Together we will find suitable maintenance solutions for you.
Talk to us!

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