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The pasteurization takes place by means of a pasteurization system. In the pasteurization system, the product is briefly heated to the required temperature. How the system is designed depends on the product that is being heated. Viscose and solids containing products can be pasteurized.

This pasteurizer unites longevity, automated functions and linear design.



The standard impeller pump for gentle product conveyance has an integrated dry-running protection, a sliding ring seal and is temperature-resistant. Both the heating circuit pump and the expansion vessel are already fully integrated.

The selection of the system components presupposes long-lasting industrial quality. Operation via the touch display is simple and offers both automatic and manual operating functions.

As the next automation step for products with different flow temperatures, it is possible to change the working speed of the automatic filler with the flow meter. The general goal here is constant pasteurisation and filling.

Power output and temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. The modular design of the machine allows a connection to any heating system, whether electric, fossil or renewable energy.


Easy handling

The "tube in tube" heat exchanger is chemically and mechanically easy to clean end-to-end.

The pasteurisation temperature can be set simply by entering the numbers on the touch display.

Manual or controlled valve assemblies on the inlet side of the product pump and at the outlet of the pasteuriser allow quick and easy media changes with low power losses and simple and fast cleaning.



The generous space in the switch box, the state-of-the-art development and the sophisticated options allow any basic pasteurizer to be easily upgraded.


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