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REDpulse Duo

Fruit Tec is proud to present to you a Made in Germany defoliation system that is long-lasting, powerful and works smoothly at reduced noise level. REDpulse will support you to better schedule your harvesting calendar at lower labour input, higher colouration percentage, as well as higher packout.

Pre-Harvest REDpulse for optimal colouring of your apples

  • Increased light & temperature exposure
  • Compact harvest window
  • Even coloration
  • No. of pickings reduced
  • Better aeration & less humidity on fruit skin (fungal infections)
  • Comfortable operation via fingerjoystick & tablet or smartphone
  • Front attached – optimal view
  • Fits to Edward comfort system


REDpulse defoliation removes most of the shading leaves completely or parts of it.

Light parts of the fruit skin are clearly visible. These parts have been proteced by leaves before, not allowing an even exposure and coloration.

The REDpulse defoliation module enables red colored apple varieties to receive a more intense and even exposure to light. REDpulse is a new, innovative, incapsulated and purely pneumatic defoliation module for removing shading leaves.

High frequency pulsating air-stream removes leaves and parts of leaves within the working zone. Less shading enables light and temperature exposure. The result is an even and intense coloration of the fruits.
The part of Class 1 / class A fruits is increased and also the number of pickings can be reduced. During harvest a better and early visibility of the fruits eases harvesting process.

The workflow is improved and distances within the orchard during harvesting can be reduced. Optimal results have been achieved in modern, narrow, mechanically pruned orchards. In operation REDpulse fruits do not get in contact with rotating parts of the machine, that could harm the sensitive skin of the fruits or even cause physical damages. Fruits which are positioned away from the tree are carefully led past by a specially designed protector metal plate. Operating is comfortable with Joystick & Display. REDpulse is working energy efficient.


Working height 570 - 2500 mm  
Working depth 400 - 600 mm  
Working pressure 0,6 - 0,9 bar  
Speed 1,8 - 3,0 km/h  
Number of rotors 2 with 2 nozzles each  
Power requirement PTO shaft 60 kW (81 PS)  


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