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Residue-free apple production

Do you have the requirement from the retail trade to keep the residues in apples as low as possible? With Kumar, Eradicoat and Neudosan New we have created effective crop protection products to help you achieve this goal. Since 2020 these products have also been approved for organic cultivation.

The food retail trade always places new demands on production. Integrated production is no longer enough. The number of residues in the final product of the apple (but also other cultivars like berries) is in demand. These should be as low as possible.

The integrated approach is partially undermined by these demands. The pests and pathogens must be controlled long before the real damage occurs in order to have little or no residues.

Our products Kumar, Eradicoat and Neudosan New have great efficacy and are approved for organic production, but still have no relevant residue. With Kumar you can fight against the apple scab in summer and with Eradicoat and Neudosan Neu you can control the spider mites and aphids.

No residues with this products for satisfied customers.

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