Save time and money, maximise your yield.

With Deepfield Connect, you're safe from frost and heat. See for yourself and read how customers report optimized growth factors, higher yields, and cost-effective water and nutrient supply.

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring

Monitor your valuable cultures anytime, anywhere with timely alerts for frost, heat, disease, waterlogging and drought.

The effectiveness of this system is reflected in customer feedback:

"Our customers are enthusiastic and the system gives them a better feeling for their management of culture. In addition, they achieve higher yields by optimizing the growth factors. The system supports our consultants in advising our clients."

Jürgen Breuers and Sebastian Küppers, Account Manager Raiffeisen Gartenbau GmbH & Co. KG


"With the Deepfield Connect sensors, our customers have an efficient and easy way of monitoring the condition of their plants. The data can be used to cost-effectively supply water and nutrients to the crops."

Thomas Schmidt, Frustar

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