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TRIPOL: For a good Pollination

Tripol is a pollination solution specially developed for orchards. It contains three powerful bumblebee colonies in a weatherproof box. It can be used bevor the Crop flowers.

TRIPOL: For a good Pollination

TRIPOL is a weatherproof bumble-bee box with built-in insulation and ventilation system.

TRIPOL contains three large bumblebee colonies with at least 350 to 400 workers. This guarantees an enormous pollination performance already in the first week after the release. This is particularly important for short flowering crops.

TRIPOL has a patented pollen storage system that provides bumble bees with sufficient food during transport. Before TRIPOL is used, this system can be locked so that the bumblebees are particularly active shortly after exposure.

TRIPOL can easily be used for a late flowering crop after successful pollination of an early flowering crop (e.g. first pear and then apple).

TRIPOL is of reliable quality. The bumblebees are bred by Koppert Biological Systems according to fixed quality standards and do not present any danger of transmitting diseases and epidemics.

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