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agrotop - The brand for innovative solutions in the field of nozzle technology and crop protection agent handling for over 40 years! Our products make a significant contribution to protecting plants, people and the environment.

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For more than 40 years agrotop has produced pioneering products in the field of plant protecting technology. Continuous development of nozzles for increasing efficacy and decreasing environmental impact of the plant protection products led to the invention of the first low drift nozzle Servodrop and the air induction nozzles TurboDrop®, AVI, CVI and TVI famous worldwide, and helped preserve plant protection products through protection of the environment with higher performance for farmers.

This applies in particular to crop protection in top-fruit orchards and hop gardens, where the low-drift TurboDrop® nozzles are proven worldwide for years.

Also in the field of other important components of plant protection technology we continue to innovate, as is proven by the variety of our international awards and medals. The dosing devices and automatic disperser QuantoFill and the new closed transfer system easyFlow for liquid plant protection products supported by the safety-conscious industry are crucial steps forward to dosing accuracy and protection of user and environment to preserve a sufficient number of active ingredients for agriculture.

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