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Growing yields and plants. With connected sensor systems for efficient, sustainable agriculture.

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We can help you to optimise agricultural production processes in a sustainable way with our connected measuring systems. Maximise your yield and the quality of your produce while preventing precious resources from going to waste. Our sensors monitor microclimatic factors such as temperature, soil moisture, and air humidity out in the field and in the milk tank. Deepfield Connect apps send these measurements to your smartphone in real time via the Bosch IoT Cloud for you to keep an eye on all your fields and milk tanks – anywhere, anytime. Choose your own alarm settings, which will enable you to respond promptly to critical situations such as frost, overheating, drought, stagnant moisture or milk tank malfunctions, all in the spirit of efficient, sustainable agriculture 4.0.

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500+ employees
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Ludwigsburg , Germany
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71636 Ludwigsburg
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