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Farmable is the future of fruit growing in your pocket. We accompany you in the digitalization process by offering you an easy to use software. Farmable allows you to collect, organize and use your data in a way that prepares you for the future of fruit growing.

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Farmable is the future of farming in your pocket. We accompany fruit farmers on their digital journey by offering an easy-to-use digital tool where you will access everything you need to meet the future of farming. Farmable will enable you to gather, organize and use your data in a way that will help improve production yields while you also take care of the environment.

Our digital tool is a field-centric data hub for all information about farming operations through the seasons. We will integrate with service providers and 3rd party data that enrich the knowledge of the farm’s fields. This enables a future with AI-driven decision making and robots doing the heavy lifting.

What challenges can we help with?

  • Notes, data and information about fields are spread across different devices, spreadsheets and systems
  • Uncertainty if all crop treatment jobs are done correctly and completed 100%
  • Record-keeping and documentation related to your fields takes too much time
  • Fields' data is not available for future automation and smart farming

What does our solution, Farmable, do?

  • Assurance that every row has been treated
  • Control the completion of crop treatment jobs with real-time tracking, speed and duration monitoring (by contractors and farm own workers)
  • Prevent lost records and forgotten observations by collecting notes in one place
  • Access and export field records and documentation
  • Digitalize farm data for future precision farming

First features of Farmable include:

  • Create a digital map of your fields
  • Take notes in the field (with images/GPS coordinates)
  • Create and execute crop treatment jobs
  • Control execution of crop treatment jobs
  • Log activities linked to your fields
  • Track your harvest per field and variety
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