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The vision of EFC/GKE is to create more value for all parties in the supply chain by building successful global fruit brands .

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EFC cvba is a cooperative venture between Koninklijke Fruitmasters in the Netherlands,  WOG (Württembergische Obstgenossenschaft) Raiffeisen e.G. in South Germany and BelOrta in Belgium. EFC currently has the worldwide licensing rights for two apple brands (Kanzi®, Greenstar®) and one pear brand (Migo®), which are marketed through EFC’s subsidiary GKE NV.

GKE NV is the variety manager of Kanzi® apples, Greenstar® apples and Migo® pears with exclusive global rights. Working closely with licensed partners around the world, Kanzi®, Greenstar® and Migo® are positioned in the market as top-quality apples and pears.


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