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VOEN is specialized on covering systems with a worldwide patented mesh cover for protecting cherries, stone fruits and berries against heavy rain, hail and frost

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The VOEN company has been specializing in covering systems protecting cherries, stone fruit and berries from heavy rain, hail and frost since 2002.  In addition to this core business we have developed and established our tunnel systems, to offer a suitable protection system for berries and vegetables.

Our head office is located in Berg near Ravensburg, in the south of Germany near Lake Constance.  From here we organize our operation not just for Germany but also for the international market.  Our commercial aim is clearly defined, with our covering system we want to offer a protective system to our customers and business partners which guarantees high quality harvest yields.

We are here to advise you from the planning stage all the way through to installation, as well as offer an extensive service programme.


Visit us also on Facebook @voenueberdachung and Youtube @VOENcovering!

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VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG

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