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For years work A + P Service Peter Schiffmann e. K. in the field of fruit and vegetable sorting systems, as well as packaging systems and labeling technology. A + P Service is on the move for customers all over Europe, for new planning, restructuring and maintenance.

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In 1996, Ingo Fierek, Peter Schiffmann, Harald Andresen and Jens Plambeck founded the company A+P Service as a specialist service for fruit and vegetable sorting systems and packaging machines with labelling technology.

They traded with new and used machines, carried out maintenance and conversions on the machines.
In 2001 the business partners separated. Ingo Fierek and Peter Schiffmann continued to manage the company A+P Service, based in Buxtehude, together.

Over time, A + P Service relocated the site twice.
In 2019 the second move took place to today's company headquarters, Ostfeld 20 in Jork.

The larger factory hall and the extended spare parts warehouse give A+P Service the opportunity to act faster and more flexibly for customers throughout Europe.

In addition to the maintenance of various machines, A+P Service is also active in the manufacture and conversion of existing machines. Sorting systems, packaging machines, labelling devices and various conveyor belts are custom-made for customers or adjusted.

The construction of switch cabinets, PLC programming together with cabling and electrical checks are carried out by A+P Service.

A+P Service is not only active in the field of production and maintenance of the machines, but also in restructuring and new planning. The many years of experience in the field of packaging, sorting and labelling, which both partners were able to gain even before they became independent, form the basis for this work and ensure a satisfied customer base.

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Ostfeld 20
21635 Jork

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