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BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH

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Sustainable, modern and individual: this is BEEsharing. We bring agriculture 4.0 together with the needs of pollinators and farmers.

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Our aim is to improve and simplify pollination planning and implementation for farmers with new solutions - not only for less effort and better yields, but also for the conservation and protection of bees and their habitats.

The founders, pollination experts and beekeepers Otmar, Nils, Wolfgang and their team are working with passion and commitment in the south of Hamburg - and are always ready to answer questions about pollination.

Our offers
Together with our team we develop the best products for farmers in the field of pollination.
As pollination beekeepers, we always think holistically about our solutions: what is the best result for the farmer and what is the best for the pollinators.

That's why we offer innovative products and services for wall bees, bumble bees and honey bees that work together to ensure optimum results for the farmer.


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BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH
Jaffestraße 6
21109 Hamburg

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 Nils Gerber

Nils Gerber

Executive Board - Co-Founder BEEsharing

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