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Beratungsdienst Direktabsatz e.V.

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Beratungsdienste für Direktabsatz (consulting services for direct sales) support direct marketers with farm shops, market stalls, retail- and tree-nurseries in Baden-Württemberg and the neighboring regions in matters of marketing and corporate management.

Offers, Brands, Standards

  • P Products Direct Marketing / Farm Shop
  • P Products Direct Marketing / Farm Shop
  • S Industry organization
  • S Services for Farm Operations
  • S Services
  • S Internet, web service
  • S Marketing
  • S Marketing

About us

In Baden-Württemberg there are three advisory services for direct sales divided into the regions of North and South Baden and Württemberg. Six specialists with different focus are currently working there. They advise around 250 companies from Baden-Württemberg and the surrounding regions.

The work of the advisory services is characterized by

  • Regionality and proximity to companies
  • Advice independence
  • Continuous and sustainable company support
  • Cooperation in a nationwide network of specialist consultants

The focus of the advice is

  • Marketing concepts
  • Sales area design
  • Bench marking
  • Employee training
  • Experience exchange groups
  • Individual coaching


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Beratungsdienst Direktabsatz e.V.
Neckarweihinger Str. 30
71640 Ludwigsburg

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 Thomas Schädler

Thomas Schädler


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