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Botden en van Willegen BV

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Fruittreenursery for Apple-, Pear- and Plumtrees. Partner in Quality and reliability.

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Partner in Quality and Reliability


With an annual production of approximately 2 million fruit trees, Botden & van Willegen ranks among the leading fruit tree nurseries in Europe.

And yet it is not the quantity that secures the company such a prominent position. Quality and reliability is the key to their success.


The trees produced by Botden & van Willegen find their way to every corner of the earth. The main markets are in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the U.K. Although the products of Botden & van Willegen are also sold to China and various Eastern European countries.


Although quality is a trademark of Botden & van Willegen, there is more to it than that. We attach at least equal importance to the inclusion in our range of the latest varieties and mutations. Therefore, the developments are monitored closely at home and abroad.


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Botden & van Willegen
Zandsteeg 12
5836 AV Sambeek

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Ir Bas van den Boom

Ir Bas van den Boom

Managing Director

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