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Irrigation, fertigation or low energy anti frost protection systems for agriculture, nurseries or greenhouses. We are specialised in dealing with irrigation parts and we are offering consulting and planning of specialised frost protection systems for your crops.

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  • P Irrigation systems
  • P Irrigation
  • P water technology

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The company Farmsolutions was founded 2014 by 3 brothers in Austrian's main fruit orchard growing region - East Styria. The family is growing fruit crops since 60 years with now 80% apples, 10% cherries and 10% pears as the main varieties. 

25 years of irrigation on our own orchards and the lack of proper support and service back then lead us to the founding of Farmsolutions. Ever since we strive for improvments of our irrigation parts and we are constantly on the search for water and energy saving systems for our customers.   

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Markt Hartmannsdorf 58
8311 Markt Hartmannsdorf

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 Richard Ladenhauf

Richard Ladenhauf

Founder and chief operating officer

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