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GRENA Srl - Organic Biostimulants

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A step ahead with universal biostimulants containing amino acids, peptides and polyamines: increasing stress resilience and augmenting plant as well as soil health. GRENA organic biostimulants with fertiliser function are produced by circular economy pinciples for a more eco-sustainable agriculture.

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  • P Fertilizers
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  • P Composting
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  • P Operating materials and consumables
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  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs

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GRENA Stammsitz
Strada Provinciale 38
Località Gumiero
37047 San Bonifacio (VR)

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Dr. Lucas Jagodzinski

Dr. Lucas Jagodzinski

Head of Research and Environment

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 Laura Grena Magagna

Laura Grena Magagna

Marketing Director (engl./ital. language)

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