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INDERST - Specialist store for yard, house, garden, cellar technology and pets. For generations we have been competent partners for fruit and wine growing, vegetable and ornamental gardens. We also have good trumps in our hand for the production of wine, fruit juice, beer, cheese and much more.

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  • P Work clothes
  • P Commodities
  • P Insecticide
  • P Additional Products
  • P Trade fairs, events
  • P Media, Publications, Events
  • P Machines and systems for orcharding, wine-growing and vegetable cultivation
  • P Machines and Equipment
  • P Tools
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Other products
  • P Distillery / Distillation
  • P Distillery / Distillation
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Plant protection
  • P Plant protection
  • P Tools
  • P Tools
  • P Label paste
  • P Packaging, Labels
  • P Packaging
  • P Wine cellar supplies
  • P Fruit molding press
  • P Filling units
  • P Fruit processing machines
  • P Bag in box
  • P Pasteurizing plants
  • P Tanks
  • P Storage
  • P Pumps
  • P Irrigation systems
  • P Irrigation
  • P water technology
  • P foil tunnel

About us

For private or agricultural enterprises, because every customer is important to us!

With our "home-made" line, we give our customers the opportunity to rediscover authentic flavours and the most genuine tastes. We offer high quality products for the in-home production of natural drinks and simple tasty foods, such as cheese and jam. Our staff provides the necessary assistance to first-time purchasers as well as those who already have experience but are searching for a higher quality product. 

Agricultural enterprises, instead, can find what they need for their production and count on attentive, high quality service.

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Neuwiesenweg 2
39020 Marling

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