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Bäuerle Landtechnik-Obsterntemaschinen

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Company Bäuerle near Stuttgart has been producing hand-operated and self-propelled fruit harvesters "Bäuerle Obstwiesel" brand for 35 years.

Offers, Brands, Standards

  • P Agricultural machinery
  • P Machines and Equipment
  • P Tractors and accessories
  • P Agricultural and municipal services equipment
  • P Machines and systems for orcharding, wine-growing and vegetable cultivation
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs

About us

"Bäuerle Obstwiesel" stands for

  • highest quality
  • "wiesel flink" and efficient work
  • clean harvest results
  • easy to use for difficult harvesting conditions on slopes or high grass
  • our fruit harvesters are almost maintenance free and
  • can easily be used for several years

General information

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Burgstetten Kirschenhardthof
Martin Bäuerle
71576 Burgstetten

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 Martin Bäuerle

Martin Bäuerle

Managing Director

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