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databaum - für effiziente Pflanzenbewirtschaftung

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We use sensors and a user-friendly application to reduce water consumption, fertilizer and fungicides. This optimizes not only plant growth, but also the wallet of their owner.

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About us

We are a Swiss startup, coming from the software industry.


One hot day in mid June, Joe walks out of his house and sees a city worker watering the Helvetia park. Joe talks to the worker and asks him about irrigation. The answer from Fabrizio surprises him: "Around three times per week, depending on the weather". The fact, that the city unnecessarily drives around water, worries them, but they don't have a solution for that issue.

In the following weeks, Joe meets with different people from the farming industry. The core databaum team is formed and we develop a solution for efficient plant growth.

According to feedback from our clients, we are not only on the right path, but are also helping them to save money.

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Ebikonerstrasse 75
6053 Adligenswil

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 Johannes (Joe) Eifert

Johannes (Joe) Eifert


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