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Pollinature is the leading expert in solitary bee pollination in Europe. The company provides professional on-demand pollination service with local solitary bees to fruit producers and holds extensive know-how to sustainably propagate and manage mason bees.

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Pollinature is a Swiss start-up founded in 2013 by two biologists, Tom Strobl and Claudio Sedivy. The company has  become Europe’s leading expert for solitary bee pollination within the past six years. Pollinature provides the first professional “on-demand” pollination service with local mason bees to fruit producers with state-of-the-art products and a holding know-how to sustainably propagate and manage mason bees. Pollinature is currently active in six different countries to help producers secure and enable increased crop yields. Pollinature aims to sustainably pollinate about 5% of Europe’s high value crops within the next 10 years.

Pollinature offers a wide range of services including pollination with mason bees providing the necessary nesting stands "Osmipro" and the incubated mason bee cocoons - ready to hatch - as well as consultation ofthe improvement of the orchard environment fostering local bee populations. 

Due to their pollination efficacy, cold hardiness as well as comparitively limited foraging distances, mason bees are the best choice to pollinature stone and pome fruits. 



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Pollinature GmbH
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