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Innovative Apfel-, Birnen- und Aprikosen Sorten aus der Schweiz | Verkostung | Informationen über Bezug von Pflanzmaterial

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VariCom GmbH has the objective to launch interesting fruit varieties from the Agroscope breeding programme in both Switzerland and internationally and, of course, successfully.

The four partners

Konsortium Südtiroler Baumschuler Gen.landw.Ges. (Italy)
Mondial Fruit Selection Sarl (France)
ARTEVOS GmbH (Germany)
webfruit GmbH (Germany).
The company's managing director is Michael Weber.
VariCom GmbH coordinates the entire supply and demand chain, from plant propagation and technical information for producers and traders to tastings and PR. Under the VariCom umbrella, we find the licensed partners to utilise a variety's potential and employ modern marketing measures to give it its big break.

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