Robust Fruittrees and rootstocks

A appropiate climate, fertile soil and fertigation of our fruit-trees provide a good start of grow in your orchard. A wide range of varieties also for direct sale and farmshops.

The fertile and vigorous sea clay of southern Flevoland is characterized by an excellent soil structure, providing a perfect medium for the cultivation of high-quality basic material.


Fertigation provides many benefits:

  • The plants remain dry above ground, reducing the risk of infection from fungal diseases.
  • Water and nutrients are applied site-specifically to the rooting zone of the tree.
  • The volume of water and nutrients is better adjusted to the needs of the individual plant.
  • More efficient use of water and nutrients.
  • Vigorous, and therefore healthy, tree uniform growth development and hardening off
  • Adequate length-wise growth of leaders and side shoots
  • Adequate thickness of trunks and side shoots.


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