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CleverSpray is a plant protection control system with integrated documentation. The system can be operated with Smartphone or tablet and offers considerable savings potential through high-precision headland management.

CleverSpray is the first app-based control system for crop protection. The operation of the crop protection device and the monitoring of the process is done wirelessly with a tablet or smartphone.

CleverSpray is delivered as a complete system solution with integrated, geo-data-based documentation. With free access to our browser-based WEB application, the inovel SprayTools, the user can generate his spray programs, manage machines and document and optimize his processes using the data recorded in the field.

Outstanding features of CleverSpray:

  • Precise control of the application rate and nozzle monitoring with intelligent control and sensor technology
  • High-precision headland management offers considerable savings potential for crop protection products and prevents multiple or incorrect spraying ( SSC, RowGuide )
  • Sustainable plant protection through traceable, reproducible processes thanks to integrated planning and geodata-based documentation with inovel SprayTools
  • Efficient use of sprays and machines by calculating and planning the application using spray jobs and log data
  • Simple operation and visualization through InstantView . Simplification of work and work safety through a fully automated spraying process
  • Added value through simple retrofitting of used machines

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