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GLAESERgrow Nonwoven Crop Cover

The GLAESERgrow + CROPprotec Nonwoven Crop Cover is used to cover plants directly on the ground in order to protect them against frost, especially at night. Our cover ensures even moisture and heat exchange and thus provides ideal conditions for the optimal and healthy growth of your crops.

Product features:

  • uniform fiber layout both in longitudinal and cross direction to ensure increased tear-resistance and durability
  • processing of thicker fibers during production
  • water-permeable
  • high light transmission
  • UV-resistant
  • suitable for multiannual use
  • high resistance



  • increased crop yields
  • optimizes plant growth thanks to increased air and soil temperature
  • excellent conditions for early harvesting
  • protection from cold, frost, driving rain, hail and wind
  • higher quality and resistance of your produce
  • minimizes insect infestation as well as damage by birds and wildlife
  • handy roll folding of 1,60m
  • extended harvest periods

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