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Labels & labelling solutions for your fruits and vegetables

Food-safe labels made from sustainable materials. Customised labelling solutions, e.g. semi-automatic cordless labeler, used for various fruits and vegetable labelling.

At the supermarkets, the small label on fruit and vegetables has become standard

For many producers and distributors of organic products, sustainability and ecological responsibility are part of the company philosophy. The packaging of their products should clarify this approach.

We produce your food labels in digital and flexo printing processes. Save costs and use environmentally friendly materials is our approach.

Many of our label materials are made from renewable, recycled and/or biodegradable materials and are FSC certified.

These materials are suitable for indirect as well as direct food contact.

The printing inks used are food compatible, without mineral oil, solvents, and additives.
The quality of the print is not minimized by the use of these materials.

The adhesives are vegan and partially or fully biodegradable and many of them contain no derivatives of animal origin.

Whether small businesses, medium-sized companies or large corporations, we are happy to supply you with small and medium print runs.

In addition to labels for fruits and vegetables, we also produce self-adhesive labels on rolls, wet-glue labels, booklet and sandwich labels, product tag, package inserts, packaging and much more for direct marketers, retailers, and industry.

If you need labels for your fruit juices, spirits or brandies, you're in the right place.
Our focus is solely on meeting our customers’ needs and offering exceptional customer service. 


Cordless hand labeler for fruits and vegetables

The semi-automatic cordless fruit labeler HL-2 LITHIUM ™ is used for various fruits and vegetable labeling.

It includes a full charging station for the fast charge using a removable lithium-ion battery (first of its kind) which will last 3 times longer than regular NiMH batteries.

The most versatile hand labeler in the industry; fast, compact, extremely lightweight and durable using a variety of label sizes from 7-29 mm wide x 16-60 mm long labels. There is also a built-in waste rewind system removing waste liner cleanup and jamming issues.

Simple and quick labeling of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed.


Do you have any questions or suggestions about the product? We will be glad to help you!

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