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Trellex TITAN piles

Trellex TITAN piles are particularly suitable for fruit growing and roofing systems. Depending on your requirements, you will find steel piles in various diameters and with all the accessories you need to build a high-quality system.

The Trellex Titan family. These piles have various diameters of 95, 65 and 45 mm, which makes it very suitable for fruit growing and roofing systems. Trellex BV makes the posts in-house.

With a unique process, we profile strip steel with a Magnelis coating into piles with a sheet seam and an 8-angled shape. We do not use welding, which means that the seams do not rust. The shape of the piles ensures perfect resistance to lateral and downward pressure. The material is very resistant to rust, strong, flexible and durable.

Trellex also has a matching range of accessories.

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