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Vibrational subsoiler VVP

The VVP vibratory deep loosener allows more precise dosage of minerals and thus ensures a better development of the root system and plant growth. This offers its users both economic and ecological advantages.

The depth of the bottom is controlled by an advanced electronic dosing system with its own calibration and APV container.


  • Subsoiling the soil- the soil becomes very hard after continuous crossing with the tractor
  • Subsoiling close to the root structure
  • Increasing the aeration, permitting the filtering of the water from the surface down through the ground profile and allowing the moisture to be stored for the use during dry periods.
  • Fertilizing close to the root structure under the pressure 0,1 bar. In this way, fertilizer (K, P, Mg) moves freely to the roots. When fertilizing over the ground, only a few quantities are infiltrated into the ground and by the time fertilizer loses its nature. This way of fertilizing is more efficient.
  • Vibrating blades cut the ends of the roots and consequently regenerate fruit trees and vines.

Subsoiler can be mounted on a 3-point linkage II or III cat of the tractor. 2-vibrational legs vibrate in a vertical direction. Ventilator creates an overpressure for a quality spreading of fertilizer near the root system. Fertilizer dosing is driven over the metal wheel. A rear roller is necessary for closing and leveling the ground. We can regulate the depth of subsoiling by adjusting the rear roller.  A quantity of fertilizer is set with a dosing system on both sides of the fertilizer device.

With subsoiling, we can assure a better root system, better plant growth in general and better water infiltration.


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