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Manufacturer, installer and international supplier of professional coatings for several industries.

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The team of RibbStyle consists of about 12 enthusiastic employees. Due to the fact that we are a fairly small company, we work closely together and are flexible. Characteristic for us has always been quality. We use a multi-layer technique, including a reinforcement layer. The combination of these layers into a system provides a long-term solution for our customers. 

Fruit storage rooms only function optimally when the room is made completely gastight. Specifically, without a gastight room, it is difficult to bring and keep your storage rooms on regime. Important aspects to check for gastightness apart from a gastight door, passages and the inspection hatch, are the panel joints of a storage room.

Since decades, the “Ribbfilling” of panel joints has been a perfect solution for CA and ULO rooms. Ribbfilling has become a powerful system as we combine several products into a multi-layer technique. Our extremely gastight coatings form an elastic-like rubber layer. Because of this, they make cooling and storage spaces optimally controllable. On top of that, they provide a hygienic finishing of all joints. It is not without reason that “Ribbfillen” has become a concept in the fruit sector.


Certification / Standards
·    ISO 14001:2015
·    ISO 9001:2015
·    SCC 2017
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Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Wemeldinge, Netherlands
Gastight coatings

Choorhoekseweg 14
4424NW Wemeldinge
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