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RANZI KG S.a.s. RALO System

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Developing and marketing protection systems for orchards and vineyards

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One of the first companies in ITALY developing and marketing protection systems for orchards and vineyards, since more than 50 years.

Our company offers ready to use crop protection solutions. Every customer is offered a tailor made

concept which considers the specific local conditions. Extreme weather events due to climate change make it more and more important to protect the orchards in an effective way against SUN, WIND, RAIN and HAIL. With exact calculations, high quality components and a system tested under extreme conditions RANZI KG protects the crop in the best way possible.

RANZI KG develops and produces the key components in its own facilities. Due to our experience in the sector and countless on-field trials we can guarantee a high standard of quality, reliability and innovation.

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Weinstraße 31
39040 Margreid an der Weinstraße

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