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Producer of steel posts and stakes for fruit and vine trellises and cover systems

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Trellex BV is based in Blokzijl in the Netherlands and has its roots in fruit growing and selling steel poles for fruit growing and viticulture. The right support is important for a successful harvest of every crop. Trellex has developed posts that support fruit and other trees based on questions that have come out of the sector. These Titan posts are also suitable to be used as enclosure or fencing in all kinds of sectors. We have developed posts made of strip steel with a Magnelis coating. This material has a carbon steel base and a magnesium, aluminum and zinc coating. This makes corrosion protection 3x better than that of Sendzimir galvanized steel. Research results also show that an 8-angled profile with a certain material thickness is the optimum shape for steel support posts. This shape can withstand both lateral forces and pressure from above, such as from hail and high wind speeds.

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 Jan van Giessen

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